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"Lament" is a word not often heard these days in Christian worship. It seems to many Christians that lament is contrary to the life of faith and and the salvation we experience in Jesus Christ. Almost half of the Psalms, on the other hand, are laments, and most Christians have esteemed the book of Psalms through the centuries as a fountainhead for worship. When the book of Psalms is engaged in all of its counsel-lament, thanksgiving, and praise-worship extends to all realms of human experience. Far from being signs of the lack of faith, lament psalms are its very center, the quintessence of faith, faith "on the roper" at the boundaries of human experience. Lament psalms teach us to cry to the Lord faithfully, but they do not leave us in the ry: lament psalms lead us through the lament to the promise of God's faithful presence and his eventual response. Here, then are twenty-five psalms that teach us to cry to the Lord faithfully because of injustice, sin, enemies, and distress, and lead us through the lament to thanksgiving and to authentic praise.

Vocal Tapestry, from Orlando, Florida, has masterfully recorded these wonderful songs in a cappella. They have flawlessly captured the message found in the words and music of the authors and composers who have endeavored to maintain the relevancy of the original text.