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    The wisdom literature of the Old Testament is Israel's reflection on the natural and moral orders God established in creation. This literature addresses such practical questions as how people ought to live in the world God has created and how to discern between wise and foolish actions. The book of Psalms contains several "wisdom psalms" as well as other "psalms of orientation," which are meant to help us understand God's created order and live our lives in keeping with it. According to Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann, these include wisdom psalms, psalms of Torah, and creation psalms.

    Psalms of Torah express the perfection and wisdom of God's righteous instruction to Israel, revealed most completely in the narratives and commandments of the Pentateuch. Creation psalms deal with the perfection of creation and God's sovereignty over it. Wisdom psalms offer practical instructions for daily living in such matters as the household and society, as well as the lessons one can learn from God's actions toward Israel in the past.

    Wisdom Literature invites us to drink deeply of the fountain of Israel's ancient reflection, which still provides instruction and guidance for us today. So, "come and listen, taste and see" that the good life is the life lived oriented towards God and his wisdom.

    Vocal Tapestry, from Orlando, Florida, has masterfully recorded these wonderful songs in a cappella. They have flawlessly captured the message found in the words and music of the authors and composers who have endeavored to maintain the relevancy of the original text.