The goal of this project is to publish a multi-volume psalter for use in corporate worship and in personal study and devotion. The project is unique in its purpose and method. It grew out of the recognition that reading, studying, and singing Psalms, which once was common practice for Christians, has decreased over the last century. Because the Psalter instructs Christians in the words and movement of worship, Mark Shipp, Professor of Old Testament, initiated a project to set the psalms to music.

The 108 musical compositions will be accompanied with new translations of each psalm and full commentaries provided by a number of Old Testament scholars. Composers reference the scholars' notes in their compositions, "creating insightful and fresh interpretations of each psalm in a musical setting," explains Shipp. In addition, Timeless seeks to bridge the gap between contemporary and traditional worship styles. Two or more musical settings are provided for each psalm: a more traditional setting, a contemporary one and sometimes a chant.

The price for the bard back book is $29.95.