Acappella CD with 24 songs.
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"Lament" is a word not often heard these days in Christian worship. It seems to many Christians that lament is contrary to the life of faith and the salvation we experience in Jesus Christ. Almost half of the Psalms, on the other hand, are laments, and most Christians have esteemed the book of Psalms through the centuries as a fountainhead for worship. When the book of Psalms is engaged in all of its counsel-lament, thanksgiving, and praise-worship extends to all realms of human experience. Far from being signs of the lack of faith, lament psalms are its very center, the quintessence of faith, faith "on the ropes" at the boundaries of human experience. Lament psalms teach us to cry to the Lord faithfully, but they do not leave us in the cry: lament psalms lead us through the lament to the promise of God's faithful presence and his eventual response. Here, then, are twenty-five songs that teach us to cry to the Lord faithfully because of injustice, sin, enemies, and distress, and lead us through the lament to thanksgiving and authentic praise.

Songs on this CD:
1. My Life Is in Your Hands - verses 1 & 2 (Psalm 31) / Linda Gregersen & Sarum Graduale,
    Adp. Jack Boyd
2. Why Are You Cast Down My Spirit? (Psalm 42-43) / Mark Shipp & Michael E. Showalter
3. Why Are You Downcast? (Psalm 42) / Ruth Ann Somervell & Debbie Dorman
4. Send Your Light (Psalm 43) / Gary Pendergrass
5. Return, O Lord (Psalm 6) / Mark Shipp & Konstantin Zhigulin
6. Lamentation in the Night (Psalm 6) / Mark Shipp, Arr. Ruth Ann Somervell
7. Still I Will Remember (Psalm 77) / Ruth Ann Somervell
8. I Will Remember (Psalm 77) / Matthew K. Porter
9. My Life Is in Your Hands - verses 3 & 4
10. Why Do You Stand Far Off, O Lord? (Psalm 10) / Mark Shipp & M. L. Daniels
11. Where Are You, Lord? (Psalm 10) / Glover Shipp, Arr. Ruth Ann Somervell & M. L. Daniels
12. My Heart in Anguish Calls to You / Mark Shipp, Arr. Mel Witcher & Randy Daw //
        Give Ear unto Our Prayer, O God (Psalm 55) / Mark Shipp & Michael E. Showalter
13. Save Me by Your Name, O God (Psalm 54) / Marva L. Hughes
14. I Will Praise Your Name (Psalm 54) / Jack R. Reese
15. Do Not Abandon Me (Psalm 38) / Jack R. Reese
16. Restore Us Again (Psalm 85) / Gary Pendergrass
17. Be Gracious unto Me, O God! (Psalm 51) / Mark Shipp & Michael E. Showalter
18. Your Redeeming Grace (Psalm 80) / Michael Morgan & Ruth Ann Somervell
19. Let Your Face Shine upon Us (Psalm 80) / Randy Daw & Christiana Peterson, Arr. Randy Daw
20. Deliver Us, Lord (Psalm 60) / Jack R. Reese & Randy Gill
21. Our Foes Have Scattered Us (Psalm 60) / Jerry Shipp & Ruth Ann Somervell
22. My Life Is in Your Hands - verses 5 & 6
23. How Many Are Your Wonders, Lord? (Psalm 40) / Mark Shipp, Jerry Shipp, & Randy Daw
24. Sing Great Is the Lord! (Psalm 40) / Jerry Shipp & Katelyn Horn
25. Exalted Be Your Name, O God (Psalm 57) / Jerry Shipp & Carol Crowder Phillips
26. May Your Glory Be Over the Earth (Psalm 57) / Randy Daw

Executive Producer: Mark Shipp, Austin, TX.
Producers: Joseph Martin, Austin, TX. and Randy Daw, Greenville, TX.
Recorded: Lone Pine Studios, Orlando, FL.
Engineered and mixed: Michael Hurley, Orlando, FL.
Vocal Tapestry: Tony DeRosa, John Cavazos, Tiffany Coburn, J. C. Fullerton, Bryan Harden,
    Sue Martin, Amy Martin-Cole, Kurt Von Schmittou, Jackie Stressman, and Sarah Whittemore
Mastered: Darryl Dunn, San Marcos, TX. Front cover art: Rembrandt van Rijn, Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem, 1630
Cover design: James W. Tackett, Granddad Productions, Austin, TX.
Timeless cover art: Rick Gibson, Strong Design, Siloam Springs, AR