Acappella CD with 29 songs.
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    One of the most important, but least understood, concepts for understanding the psalms is that of kingship, that of David as well as God's exercise of sovereign rule. God chose to bless his people Israel through David and his heirs and made an eternal covenant with them (2 Samuel 7; Psalm 132). When a king in David's line sat upon the throne and enacted justice and righteousness, both Israel and the nations were blessed (Psalm 2, 18, 20, and 21).
    But few, if any, of the kings fulfilled the demands of righteous kingship. Psalm 72 is a prayer that God might give them a righteous king. Psalm 89 chronicles God's eternal covenant with David, but also the sad reality of the demise of human kingship in Israel and exile of God's people. Psalm 110 is quoted in the book of Hebrews as looking beyond the human king to a new king, belonging to the line of David, but much more than that, a divine king as well.
    At all periods of Israel's history, there was a fundamental recognition that it is truly God who reigns in justice and righteousness, and who exercises sovereignty over the kingdoms of the world (Psalm 29, 93, 95, 96, and 97). Listen to these timeless psalms of kingship as they tell the story of God's sovereign rule over his creation, his chosen people, and the nations of the world.

Songs on this CD:
    1. Why Do the Nations Rage? (Psalm 2) / Mark Shipp & Randy Daw
    2. He Has Set His King in Zion (Psalm 2) / Marva L. Hughes
    3. Psalm 18 Medley
            In My Distress (Psalm 18:1-19) / Jeff Matteson, Arr. M. L. Daniels
            God of Integrity (Psalm 18:25-50) / Debbie Dorman
            To the Faithful He Is Faithful (Psalm 18:20-36) / Glover Shipp & M. L. Daniels
    4. In the Day We Call (Psalm 20) / Mark Hamilton & Ruth Ann Somervell
    5. In the Day of Distress (Adapted from Psalm 20 and Numbers 6:25-26) / Konstantin Zhigulin,         trans.: Mark Shipp & Konstantin Zhigulin
    6. Be Exalted, Lord, in Strength (Psalm 21) / Mark Shipp & Ruth Ann Somervell
    7. In Your Strength, Jehovah (Psalm 21) / Marva L. Hughes
    8. Prayer for a King (Psalm 72) / Jeremy Daw & Ruth Ann Somervell
    9. Psalm 89 Medley
            Forever We Will Sing (Psalm 89) / Michael Morgan & James W. Tackett
            I Raised up a Hero (Psalm 89:19-37) / Jerry Shipp & M. L. Daniels
            The Firstborn King of Men (Psalm 89:19-37) / Barbara Jane Little & Gary Pentergrass
            How Short Are Our Days (Psalm 89:38-52) / Jerry Shipp & Michael E. Showalter
            Will You Always Be Hiding from Me? (Psalm 89:38-52) / Mel Witcher
    10. The Lord Said to My Lord (Psalm 110) / Mark Shipp & Randy Daw
    11. Sit at My Right Hand (Psalm 110) / Jack Reese
    12. The Voice of Jehovah (Psalm 29) / Glover Shipp & Ruth Ann Somervell
    13. Ascribe to the Lord (Psalm 29), Jeff Matteson, Arr.: Konstantin Zhigulin
    14. My God and King (Psalm 84) / Konstantin Zhigulin, Trans: Mark Shipp & Konstantin Zhigulin
    15. Beautiful Is Your Dwelling Place (Psalm 84), Debbie Dorman
    16. Jehovah Reigns in Majesty (Psalm 93), Mark Shipp
    17. The Lord in His Majesty Reigns (Psalm 93), Marva L. Hughes
    18. Sing for Joy to the Lord (Psalm 95) / Glover Shipp & D. J. Bulls
    19. Come, O Come (Psalm 95) / Debbie Dorman & Ruth Ann Somervell
    20. Sing a New Song of Glory (Psalm 96) / Jack Reese
    21. Sing to the Lord a New Song (Psalm 96), Gary Pendergrass
    22. God Reigns (Psalm 97) / Michael Morgan & D. J. Bulls
    23. The Lord Reigns (Psalm 97) / Jerry Shipp & Ruth Ann Somervell

    Executive Producer: Mark Shipp, Austin, TX
    Producers: Joseph Martin, D. J. Bulls, and Randy Daw
    Recorded at Lone Pine Studios, Orlando, FL.
    Engineered and mixed by Michael Hurley, Orlando, FL.
    Vocal Tapestry is Christian Diaz, Tony DeRosa, Christy Dillon, Sue Martin, Amy Martin-Cole,
        Kurt Von Schmittou, Josh Szolomayer, Sarah Whittemore, and Myron Whittlesey
    Front cover art by Sebastiano Conca (1680-1764), King David with Harp
    Cover design by James W. Tackett, Granddad Productions, Austin, TX.
    Timeless cover art by Rick Gibson, Strong Design, Siloam Springs, AR.