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    "Be Still and Know" (Psalm 46:10) is a word from the Lord for the storms of our lives. It is mirrored by Jesus' rebuke of the raging seas as the disciples cower in the boat: "Peace, be still!" (Mark 4:39). The Psalms assure us that when we cry out to the Lord he still hears and answers, regardless of the chaos we are experiencing. These twenty-four songs capture the message of the psalms from which they are drawn.
    They assure us that God answers when we cry out to him. They encourage us to trust in the Lord through times of trouble. They express confidence that he provides for us and orders our lives. The ancient psalms still give us the words for our worship and our prayers. They teach us how to express our pain and fears in the worst of times, how to trust God regardless of circumstances, and how to place our hope in the one who still calms the storm.
    All of these songs are found in Volume One of Timeless: Ancient Psalms for the Church Today (Psalms 1-41: In the Day of Distress) and Volume Two (Psalms 42-89: God Enthroned Forever).

Songs on this CD:
1. Keep Me, O God, I Pray - verse 1 (Psalm 16) / Jack Boyd & El Cántico del Alba
2. Answer Me When I Call (Psalm 4) / Mark Shipp, Arr. Konstantin Zhigulin
3. Answer Me (Psalm 4) / Debbie Dorman, Arr. James W. Tackett
4. May Jehovah Answer (Psalm 20) / Marva L. Hughes
5. He Will Answer (Psalm 20) / Ruth Ann Somervell
6. I Cry Out to You (Psalm 28) / Laura K. Collum & Ruth Ann Somervell
7. In Your Refuge (Psalm 28) / Rachel Shipp & Ruth Ann Somervell
8. I Am Poor and Need Your Care (Psalm 86) / Michael Morgan & Debbie Dorman
9. You, O Lord, Are a Shield (Psalm 3) / Mark Shipp, Arr. M. L. Daniels
10. Strong Defender (Psalm 3) / Debbie Dorman, Arr. James W. Tackett
11. Keep Me, O God, I Pray - verse 2 (Psalm 16)
12. In the Shadow of Your Wings (Psalm 63) / Konstantin Zhigulin, Trans. Wiley Dean
13. In the Lord Do I Take Refuge (Psalm 11) / Mark Shipp & Mel Witcher
14. Be Still and Know (Psalm 46) / Jeremy Daw & Gary Pendergrass
15. God Is Our Strength (Psalm 46) / Jerry Shipp & Michael E. Showalter
16. God Alone (Psalm 62) / Marva L. Hughes & M. L. Daniels, © 2012 Marva L. Hughes
17. My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone (Psalm 62) / Gary Pendergrass
18. Turn to Me, O Holy Lord (Psalm 25) / Konstantin Zhigulin, Trans. Brad Cawyer
19. My Trust I Place in God Alone (Psalm 25) / Martha Pounders Walker & Randy Daw
20. I Trust in You (Psalm 16) / Randy Daw
21. Secure is My Heart, O God (Psalm 16) / Glover Shipp & M. L. Daniels
22. Keep Me, O God, I Pray - verse 3 (Psalm 16)
23. The Lord is My Shepherd (I Lie Down in Pastures Green) (Psalm 23) /
    Mark Shipp & Michael E. Showalter
24. The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23) / Konstantin Zhigulin, Trans. Mark Shipp
25. God Enthroned Forever (Psalm 61) / Sarah Shipp & Ruth Ann Somervell, Arr. Randy Daw
26. Hear My Cry, O God, and Listen (Psalm 61) / Mel Witcher

Executive Producer: Mark Shipp
Producers: Joseph Martin and Randy Daw
Recorded and mastered: Lone Pine Studios, Orlando, FL.
Engineered and mastered: Michael Hurley
Vocal Tapestry: Tony DeRosa, John Cavazos, Rod Fletcher, J. C. Fullerton, Bryan Harden,
    Sue Martin, Amy Martin-Cole, Jackie Stressman, and Sarah Whittemore
Front cover: Rembrandt van Rijn, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, 1633
Cover design: James W. Tackett, Granddad Productions, Austin, TX.
Timeless cover art: Rick Gibson, Strong Design, Siloam Springs, AR.